Parkminster home products used Shopala express checkouts as part of a reactivation campaign and saw a 8% conversion rate, plus new customers converting that had otherwise not bought Parkminster products. 

Who Are Parkminster?

Parkminster Products is a company with a very home-spun origin. We have been making candles and home fragrance products since the beginning of 2010 when Krystyna Patey quit her day job to follow her dreams of making her own fragrance products. After several years of melting, blending and pouring her heart out in her country cottage kitchen the quality of her products gained such a positive reputation that her candles and home fragrance products are now well known all over the UK and in Europe.

What was Parkminster’s Goal?

Krystyna was keen to test out express checkout to her audience who are of a 40 to 55 age range and predominantly female, to see if they would purchase in such a quick manner.

She also wanted to see if she could convert customers with a slightly higher price point / basket value and re-engage sleeping customers that had converted on her site, but agreed to marketing. 

Goals summarised:

  • See if older customers would convert 
  • See if a higher order value could be achieved
  • Reactivate ‘sleeping’ customers 

What campaign was set up?

The best selling fragrances were selected for the campaign, as part of a special offer, while maintaining a higher basket value. The campaign was sent out as part of re-targeting and email and received a high level of interaction.

The express checkout contained options for Apple Pay, GPay, PayPal and debit/credit card.

The Results

The results of the campaign very good: 

  • First sale happened within 1 hour 
  • 12% sales conversion 
  • 100% improvement on conversion 
  • Positive customer feedback on checkout experience

Older / more conservative audience 

Running the campaign gave key insights into Parkminster’s audience. The largest part of Parkminster customer base is aged between 45 to 64 and mostly female. The campaign showed that this target demographic did convert on an express checkout.

Shopping ads click rate age group

Preferred Payment

Parkminster’s customer base tend to have iPhones and the payment options chosen were:

  • Apple Pay 
  • GPay 
  • PayPal 

This campaign ran exclusively in the UK, so quite interesting to see the preferred payment options are that of ApplePay and GPay, followed by PayPal. 


Parkminster we very pleased with the result and will use express checkouts again on their retargeting and social campaigns to acquire new customers, and convert returning customers to a higher order value.

Express checkouts can be linked to the right kind of campaign to boost sales that ecommerce platforms didn’t know existed. You can contact us for more information or checkout some tips on which platforms to run Shoppable ads on.