My Sainted Aunt sees a 7.62% sales conversion rate compared to their normal campaign conversion of 2%. Co-founders Stuart & Dilka are delighted with the results.

Who are My Sainted Aunt?

My Sainted Aunt is an online e-commerce store that sells cheeky celebrity candles, and other custom gifts. The founders of My Sainted Aunt brought the US craze of celebrity prayer candles to the UK and now also do scented candles, cushions, notebooks, and personalized wine featuring your face, on the body of a saint, on a bottle of communion wine, on a cushion, and canvas. 

What was My Sainted Aunts Goal?

After seeing that iOS14 had really hurt their sales on social media platforms like Facebook & Instagram, My Sainted Aunt decided to try another alternative advertising channel. They wanted to boost sales to customers on their database and use Shopala checkout to try to increase conversions.

What campaign was set up?

The top 5 best-selling candles were selected as part of a promotional campaign that offered customers free shipping. A database of 10,000 subscribers was selected for the email promotion.

In the email, 5 best-selling products were listed and each was linked to a Shopala express checkout where customers could pay with PayPal, Apple Pay, or GPay and credit/debit card. 

The Results

The campaign results were heavenly:

  • The first sale happened within 1 minute of campaign go live;
  • 7.62% sales conversion;
  • 281% improvement on conversion; 
  • Positive customer feedback on checkout experience.

What My Sainted Aunt said?

“We are chuffed to bits with the experience of working with Shopala! Our company has struggled to boost our sales conversion on our site for some time, and using the shopping express checkout worked for us. We are very happy!”Stuart MacDonald – Co-owner My Sainted Aunt 


Express checkouts can be linked to the right kind of campaign to boost sales that ecommerce platforms didn’t know existed. You can contact us for more information or check out some tips on how to run successful mobile shopping ads.