Kussoo see a 12.5% conversion rate on their Shopala campaign compared to the original 2%. Online store’s conversion rate skyrocketed by 535% by using Shopala checkout service.

Who are Kussoo?

Kussoo are an online store specialising in home decoration including cushions, candles and blankets.

What was Kussoo’s goal?

Kussoo have a good database of customers who they contact via email occasionally. However, they have been struggling to convert their existing customer base into repeat buyers because of the nature of their product.

They approached Shopala for an express checkout solution that could be used as a way of encouraging existing customers to undertake spontaneous purchases on the website.

What campaign was set up?

The 3 top-selling products of the year were sent in an email campaign to the customer database. Each product was linked to a separate Shopala checkout.

Upon clicking on the link the customer would be able to checkout on that particular product within 30 seconds using iDeal or PayPal. These payment options are proven to be most popular in Kussoo’s selected markets.


Shopala campaign has shown excellent results, proving once again that express checkout is one of the key tools to help increase sales for your business:

  • 12.5% conversion rate on the Shopala checkout;
  • 535% improvement based on normal site conversion rates;
  • 100% Increase in returning customer sales.

After the results of the campaign, Kussoo signed up to Shopala as a long-term customer and will continue to run express checkouts as part of their campaign mix.

“We are really pleased with the results of the campaign. Historically we have struggled with converting customers with an impulse purchase, and our products do not always have a high repurchase rate. Using Shopala gave us an opportunity to convert quick sales, and our customers gave positive feedback on their purchase experience.” – Michelle Wigmans – Kussoo’s Founder

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