How Hurom achieved a 400% increase in sales conversion using a Shopala checkout compared to their ecommerce site.

Who are Hurom?

Hurom is the world’s leading premium brand of slow juicers, mini blenders and other kitchen apparatus. It was founded in Korea in 1974 starting with a simple juicing machine and now sells millions of slow juicers worldwide. Hurom have a range of slow juicers and in 2020 they released their first smoothie blender.

What was Hurom’s goal?

Hurom released the mini blender in 2020 and it was an immediate hit with consumers. However, there were many units of stock that needed to be sold before a newer model hit the market.These mini blenders were to be sold as part of a promotional campaign with a discount to existing customers on the Hurom mailing list. Previous campaigns had not provided desired results for Hurom so they approached Shopala to run a test.

Campaign set up – email campaign

Hurom has a large active subscriber mailing list. The subscribers were split into 2 parts:

  • 50% of subscribers receiving normal Hurom ecommerce link;
  • 50% of subscribers receive Shopala express checkout.

An email was designed containing the promotion information on the mini blender and the price of the special offer. Each subscriber received the exact same email, the only difference being the way users could purchase the mini blender.

A – Through the normal website
B – Using a Shopala express checkout

The Results

The results on performance for Shopala were excellent:

  • 4x more sales on Shopala express checkout;
  • Significantly lower sales on normal online shop;
  • First sale on Shopala within 22 minutes of email open;
  • First sale on normal online shop within 6 hours email open.

The Shopala checkout provided a 4x better result than sending customers to a normal page, often where the checkout process is longer and slower to load.

Shopala also showed a faster sale turnaround time, where customers are seen to make a faster decision when they are provided with less information.

If you’re looking for a way to improve your conversion rates and increase sales, Shopala checkout solution can help you with that. Contact us today and test how Shopala works!